Az átgondolt konstrukciónak és a célnak legmegfelelőbb anyagoknak köszönhetően, redőnyeink hatékony védelmet nyújtanak a hívatlan vendégek ellen. Emellett kiváló hőszigetelést is biztosítanak, télen jelentősen csökkentik a fűtési költségeket, míg nyáron kellemes hűvöst és félárnyékot adnak.


Rolety CleverBox są doskonałym zabezpieczeniem przed słońcem, wiatrem, deszczem, śniegiem oraz innymi zjawiskami atmosferycznymi. Istotnie poprawiają izolację termiczną budynku, dając wymierne korzyści w okresie letnim oraz zimowym.




Elemekből álló homlokzat

The façade systems are designed for constructing glass front elevation of such building as: banks, hotels, offices, office blocks, car showrooms, sports hall etc. They are also applied in creating many spatial structures and roof glazing, which destination is to provide the proper lighting of the building interiors and to create the appropriate climate and comfort for the users therein. They constitute a perfect tool for shaping the modern architecture and realization of bold visions of designing engineers.

The most diverse façade solutions are based on the system of mullion-transom wall MB-SR50. Choosing them bases not only on requirements concerning thermal insulation of the structure, but also on expectations for the object aesthetics. MB-SR50 system allows creating structure of the various appearance: apart from basic version, there are also available such variants as: vertical and horizontal line MB-SR50A, semi-structural façade MB-SR50 EFEKT, ?Industrial? version or the overlay system MB-SR50A, designed for application in supporting structures made of wood or steel profiles. A glass pane of an appropriate thickness can also constitute the structure bracing element ? the system MB-SR50 A ?Glass mullion? is based on that solution.

With regard to opening elements in MB-SR50 structures, we have a wide range of solutions for both the door and the window, including among others: window titled outwards as well as very aesthetic and functional skylight windows (roof windows). The mullion-transom system constitutes the base for anti-burglary structures, and it also allows introducing new, individually designed shapes of cover beads or mullions.

Our offer includes also structural MB-SG50 and semi-structural MB-SG50 SEMI glazing systems destined for constructing facades that give a prestige and representative character to the building.

The entirely separate group consists of individual object solutions, that is systems developed according to the precisely determined criteria, in co-operation with building designing engineers. These systems are assumed to fulfil the untypical requirements specific for a given project, relating to the aesthetics and technical parameters.